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  • Tabi Learning - Primary School
  • Tabi Learning - Primary School
Tabi Learning - Primary School Tabi Learning - Primary School

Travel through time and space with Tammy and Billy. Visit different eras and learn in a whole new way!

Visit and download the app for free!

Tabi Learning takes in normal school subjects and creates beautiful, unique learning experiences. 

Ever wanted to learn about fractions in Atlantis? How about studying geography with UFOs? With Tabi you can!

Within this infinite universe, each learning experience has grown to contain multiple questions and examples. Learn, discover and replay each activity to become the master of every topic.

Learning is a personal experience, but some things are universal: engagement, fun and quality materials. Tabi has been developed to include three vital components:


Our educational team has carefully crafted Tabi after spending years teaching around the world.


Tabi is bursting with bright, fun, fresh animations, images and characters. 



It is well known that we learn best when having fun. Tabi has been developed by a team of dedicated game designers that have made education bouncy, fun and engaging!

Tabi combines all of these in a wonderful story-telling adventure.


 Hundreds of activities, thousands of questions

Tabi has 100+ activities right now and will double in size in the next few months. With over 2,000 questions on its launch date, Tabi fosters an atmosphere of replayability and mastery of skills.

Complete curriculum aligned to the school system 

Containing activities about Math, Science, Health & Sport, Social Studies, Reading and more, Tabi Learning supports every student. 

Developed by educators 

Our development team has years of experience teaching around the world. These experiences pushed them to think out of the box and find alternative solutions within traditional systems. 

Constantly growing content

There will be at least 5 new activities every month and regular updates that will allow the app to grow from strength to strength!

Play to win!

Every activity rewards students on their performance with virtual coins that can be spent in the store to fill their neverending skyscraper with prizes and items from their adventurous studies. Rewards help build self-confidence and self-esteem in learners who see their progress. 

Daily checklists

Every day there is a new checklist to push students to complete a personalized set of learning challenges. 

Multiple profiles

To allow individualized learning opportunities for families, we have included 4 profiles in each account. The whole family can now blast off on the time travelling journey!

Tammy and Billy are starting their next adventure. Are you ready to join them?


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