EVA (Electric Visionary Aircrafts) Stand: R34

Combining multiple years of professional experience in the industry, our team has innovated an extremely light, autonomous electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft. The technological differentiation of EVA are the folding wings, twin batteries and multi-motors that guarantee an extra layer of safety. The folding wings ensure that the aircraft can land in extremely compact spaces, which ultimately limits the need for expensive and time-consuming infrastructure extensions.

In addition, we have developed hardware and software hand in hand to ensure optimal and trouble-free cooperation. Hence, it differs not only by the uniqueness of its aircraft, but also through the fact that the EVA-software is as intuitive as ordering an Uber through its application.

Further, for start-ups that already focus on the transportation of goods, many use a lightweight droning technology with constant vertical thrust that limits their reach, payload, stability and autonomy, whereas our hardware was designed to survive extreme exposure to wind, rain or extreme temperatures.

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17-20 Oct 2021, Dubai World Trade Centre


17 Oct: 11 AM - 5 PM
18-20 Oct: 10 AM - 5 PM