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Gitex Future Stars

1417 October 2018 / Dubai World Trade Centre


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  • Our vision is to prepare kids to be tech producers rather than being merely Tech consumers through training them how to convert an idea into products and services that people can use. The size of the ...
  • Advantages Fast track Web applications development. Reduce application development costs and time. Providing Quick prototype for analyzing and a better understanding of system requirements. The Well m ...
  • You can ask me anything, we will provide solutions Service / Customer / Product Feedback ... QR Code Generate Field data / Survey Data Collection for anything Any Membership Registration Online Exams ...
  • PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS ·         Performance Pinpoint strengths and develop skills by getting clear insight into your company’s workforce. Gathered from; managers, colleagues, subordinates and clients, ...
  • Elements Panel

    Arman Hajizadeh
      It is a place of the editor where designers can drag an element (like Image holder, text area, word container and, etc.) then drop it wherever he or she wants. On the other hand the designer can use ...
  • By analyzing muitiple physical properties of the voice such as tone, pitch, volume and speed, Empath can identify emotion in real-time regardless of the language. It's web API has been used in more th ...

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For more information about GITEX Future Stars, please contact us at: +971 4 306 4509 or for any general questions, please email 

NOTE: Your admission to GITEX Future Stars does not include entry into GITEX Technology Week.

- The Sales team

- The Marketing team

- The Conference team

- The Investor Program team

Show Dates & Times
Sunday 14 October: 13.00-19.00
Monday 15 October: 11.00 - 19.00
Tuesday 16 October: 11.00 - 19.00
Wednesday 17 October 11.00 - 17.00


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