Adam El Rafey

Adam El Rafey

Child Prodigy
United Arab Emirates

A 9 year old prodigy who challenges educators to think outside the box.

A gifted and social 9 year old with an insatiable appetite for learning. One of the youngest speakers at a TEDx event, Adam is trying to reform the current education system to enable it to better cater for his generation. Additionally, he strongly believes that decisions should be based on ability and not age and is determined to break down barriers. Although currently enrolled in Year 4, Adam also successfully attends courses in secondary school. Studying robotics from age 4, he’s competed 13 KHDA certified courses to date.  Musically inclined with perfect pitch, he’s also a quadruple medalist at the 2018 Olympiads.  Adam is passionate about physics, chemistry, A.I. and all things Minecraft!


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