Christina Seyfried

Christina Seyfried

Head of the Africa-China Initiative at Yale and Ph.D Candidate, Yale
United States
Development specialist with a focus on foreign and Chinese investments in the African region.

Christina Seyfried is a Ph.D. candidate in Political Economy at Yale University specializing in foreign investment, development and quantitative methods (statistics). For her dissertation, “African Bargaining Power – On the Origins of Strong Investment Deals with China”, Christina collected observational and experimental data to understand how African governments strategize around Chinese investments and how investment deal conditions could be optimized for the African side. Christina has conducted 214 interviews with African senior government officials and Chinese private sector executives across the region. She also implemented two experiments (RCTs) in Nigeria in the Spring of 2020. Christina has been living in Lagos, Nigeria for two years but she has also spent extensive time in Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania. Christina has been invited to present her work at the Harvard Business School, the Yale School of Management and for the Yale DeVane Lecture Series. After graduating in December 2020, Christina is planning to move to Lagos, Nigeria to contribute to economic development in the region.


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