Dr. Ahmed Hassan

Dr. Ahmed Hassan

CEO, LifeRays

Dr. Ahmed Hassan is an Associate Professor at College of Engineering, United Arab Emirates University, Al Ain with a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. As an Entrepreneur with extreme interest in deep technology development and commercialization, Ahmed is actively engaged in multidisciplinary breakthrough research aiming to deliver marketable solutions across various sectors including health, water and energy. Ahmed is currently in process of patenting innovations in vitamin D production through natural sunlight, atmospheric water generation, Novel Geopolymers for water recovery, bio-based insulations and bio-based packaging systems from waste materials.

Dr. Ahmed is also the Founding CEO of “LifeRays” a startup developing a patent pending device to bring natural sunlight to indoors to help wider population facing several health problems due to lack of sun exposure involving mainly epidemic vitamin D deficiency.  The startup, through its novel approach, is determined to revolutionize health sector and lifestyle by bringing the safest and most comprehensive solution to vitamin D deficiency compared to the existing risky and non-comprehensive practices.


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