Dr. Mohamed Nasr

Dr. Mohamed Nasr

Co-Founder and MD, Optimus

Dr. Mohamed Nasr is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Optimus. He started his journey 10 years ago to create a holistic EMR Solution deeply integrated with an ERP, to help doctors and patients on their own journeys and transform their daily experience into a unique and enjoyable interaction. Dr. Nasr delved deeper into Software Development to bridge the gap between both worlds, he later on started his Masters in Software Engineering in the University of Liverpool to assert his experience and pursue his dream. His vision has allowed Optimus to succeed in creating truly innovative AI Powered Healthcare Solutions and provide a unique perspective to the Healthcare market .

His clients, partners, and co-workers have described him as passionate, determined, and driven towards success. Dr. Nasr enjoys creating game-changing products and technologies, addressing complex obstacles that face users and vendor alike. His personal Motto is "Knowledge is power.”

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