Dr. Seth Dobrin

Dr. Seth Dobrin

CDO IBM Cloud & Cognitive Software & Vice President, IBM Analytics, IBM & AI, (USA)
United States
Established the Data Science Elite team that has grown to almost 100 data scientists around the world and has been deployed on more than 130 Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning projects

Dr. Dobrin joined IBM in November 2016. He is responsible for the transformation of the Cloud and Cognitive Software operations using data and analytics and providing his perspective and experiences to IBM clients.  

Currently, Seth is leading IBM’s digital transformation by fundamentally changing how IBM’s Cloud and Cognitive Software business is operated by surfacing data and applying AI in consumable and interactive Cognos Analytics dashboards as well as financial management and scenario planning via IBM Planning Analytics. AI is built leveraging the IBM Watson tool chain to operationalize and industrialize predictive and prescriptive insights. These methods and technologies are delivering value to the business around the core concepts of “Pipeline360”, “Salesforce360”, “Ledger360”, “Product360” and “Client360”. These concepts are outlined in Six Steps Up: From Zero to Data Science for the Enterprise.


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