Ghada Zoabi

Ghada Zoabi

Founder & CEO, Bokra
Ms Ghada Zoabi is the founder and CEO of BOKRA.NET and Bokra TV {Bokra means tomorrow in Arabic}. Our offices Located in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Nof Hagalil, northern Israel. Bokra is an independent and unaffiliated with any political body. Popular Arabic online media, social platform, news portal for Arabs inside and outside Israel, which offers comprehensive, wide range of news, coverage local, national, and global content. Ever since the website was established, we have waved our flag to effect change with everything connected to the field of communication within Arab society. Today, Bokra.net, is a major influence on the agenda of the Arab community inside and outside Israel. Bokra site enjoys visitors from countries around the world, with approximately 850,000 visits per day. We work with the official governmental institutions in Israel to raise awareness and deliver content to Arabic speakers inside and outside Israel. Our content is approved by the Israeli government’s journalism and media agencies. Alongside Bokra Media Group’s we work on many social initiatives to raise awareness on various subjects, we also work in fields such as real estate, high-tech, journalism, export and import of goods to several Middle Eastern countries, and advertising offices in Israel, Turkey and Casablanca, Morocco.

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