Iina Oilinki

Iina Oilinki

Chief Innovation Officer, Helsinki Metropolitan Smart & Clean Foundation

Woman Innovator who is striving to keep the world under 1.5 ° c.

Iina Oilinki is a Chief Innovation Officer at Helsinki Metropolitan Smart & Clean Foundation which is a five-year step-change project  for Helsinki Region’s businesses, cities, research institutes and the Finnish Government with a mission to find  impactful  solutions that combate climate change. Smart & Clean foundations  work includes planning systemic change projects in the fields of energy, construction, mobility, waste & water and consumer solutions   involving  large scale ecosystems from private-public partnerships. New types of mobility and housing services and energy solutions improve our quality of life and mitigate climate change while providing completely new business opportunities for the companies involved.

MS. Oilinki has a master’s degree in Social Sciences from the University of Helsinki and has worked as a team leader, chief advisor and project manager for city of Helsinki, Aalto University and University of Helsinki

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