Iqbal F. Alikhan

Iqbal F. Alikhan

Program Director Blockchain & Innovations, IBM

Iqbal AliKhan is the Blockchain and Innovation leader at IBM. He has deep expertise in industry adopting technology to further their corporate goals and business growth. Iqbal has diverse experience base in organizational transformation from redesigning processes, deployment of technology to support processes, development of software, integrated cutting-edge technologies as decision engines, blockchains, IOT’s and artificial intelligence innovations. Most recently he has had the experience of assisting banks, telco’s and governments look at innovations to address issues such as cross border settlements, know your customer, supply chain management and management of social service financials.

Iqbal has also conducted due diligence and managed integration and a portfolio of funds and corporate private equity investments targeting industry innovations and acquisition. He has worked in the US, Europe, Middle East, China, Hong Kong and Singapore.


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