Magieda Abaza

Magieda Abaza

Co-founder & Head of Operations, Yanzo

Maggie, is a young passionate person who’s always been after unique ideas and business development, this was the main drive for her to join Yanzo was the first employee back in 2018 just after her graduation, and then she managed to be one of the company’s co-founders. What's making it different, that Maggie used to actually work for Yanzo completely from home and from a completely different country during her first 3 years till the business kicks. Yanzo is now considered the leading company in the conversational commerce sector in the middle east, a winner of Risuep -pitch by the pyramids- crowd favorite startup and a business that created more than $200,000 sales in 1 year. During her journey, she managed to work on all business aspects while focusing on supporting cross-functional teams to increase customer’s satisfaction through process improvements, she’s endorsed for being a skilled professional with in-depth experience in business development and analytics. Her education includes a bachelor of computer science and an upcoming MBA. Besides the professional career, Maggie is a sports person, she used to be a swimmer for 10 years and now she’s a CrossFit lover. She also decided to follow her passion and love for jewelry and started her own brand “Maggies” just this year 2021, which also carries a unique idea of delivering meaningful jewelry using precious gemstones.


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17-20 Oct 2021, Dubai World Trade Centre

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