Rami Salman

Rami Salman

VP of Growth, Voicea

Super Brain behind powerful Dubai tech startup gone global.

Rami is the VP of Growth at Voicea. Prior to joining the team, he was the founder and CEO of Wrappup, a company eventually acquired by Voicea. While working on a project as a consultant at Bain & Company, he came up with the idea for a meeting summarization app. He needed a tool to help manage all the back to back 4-hour client meetings that filled his week. He took the idea to a hackathon where he met his technical co-founders. The first prototype for Wrappup was built in 24 hours, and not only won the Global Demo Day in Silicon Valley, but the Wrappup team went on to raise a seed round of funding led by Beco Capital & 500 Startups.

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