Simone Majocci

Simone Majocci

Business Developement, 3D Wasp

Simone Majocchi is an experienced journalist, writer, maker, 3D printing enthusiast and interaction designer.

He began in 1980 as a technical writer for Elettronica 2000, a DIY electronics magazine, where he created and developed the magazine’s first home computers section, while contributing with many traditional electronics projects. After this, Simone became a journalist, contributing to several magazines, from PC World by IDG, to Corriere della Sera - the main daily newspaper of Italy. He invented the first magazine on tape for home computers (1983), founded the first online service in 1986 for home computers and was Tutor for ten years at the School for Journalism (1995 to 2005). Simone became an expert of 3D Printing in the early days of RepRap, actively contributing to the birth of the major 3D printer manufacturers of Italy which started with open source designs. From 2011 he focused on digital fabrication, authored two books on Arduino programming, taught in many schools and held numerous workshops about physical computing, 3D printing and interaction design in Italy and Switzerland. His workshops were very successful with kids and adults thanks to his long experience as a technology writer and popularizer. Many of the attendees of his early workshops about 3D Printing are now in relevant positions in this industry thanks to the vision he provided. In the past 4 years he has also created installations on display at Maker Faire Europe for Arduino, at Accademia di Mendrisio for Seven Automatic Architectures and at Biennale di Venezia 2018.


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