• Naeem Altaf

    Naeem Altaf

    CTO - Space Tech & Quantum Ambassador , IBM (US)
    Spearheading IBM technology used for exhibitions to Mars
  • Eric Aquaronne

    Eric Aquaronne

    Worldwide Systems Strategy , IBM
    Pioneering the IBM AI Autonomous Mayflower ship
  • Catarina Selada

    Catarina Selada

    Head of City Lab, CEiiA (Centre of Engineering and Product Development)
    Award winning expert, leading the Smart City Index & the Portuguese Smart Cities Network
  • Peter Tavener

    Peter Tavener

    CFO & COO , Beehive
    Part of the team that launched the first The first regulated P2P lending platform in MENA
  • Dezso Molnar

    Dezso Molnar

    Aeronautics Engineer, Inventor and Pilot, Flying Car Racing League
    Built the first privately funded rocket ship for Truax Engineering, one the first companies in private space travel
  • Saqr Ereiqat

    Saqr Ereiqat

    Consulting Leader - Government & Public Sector, IBM
    Led complex projects for IBM across 23 Countries in Europe, Middle East & Africa. 
  • Elisabeth Braw

    Elisabeth Braw

    Visiting Fellow , American Enterprise Institute (AEI)
    Interviewed by the BBC alongside Eric Schmidt on geopolitics in tech, contributor to The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Foreign Policy and the Times
  • Mats Granryd

    Mats Granryd

    Director General , GSMA
    Represents the interests of its global members uniting more than 750 operators and 400 companies in the broader mobile ecosystem including handset and device makers and software companies
  • Harri Santamala

    Harri Santamala

    Founder & CEO, Sensible4
    Won the RTA Selfdriving challenge in 2019 and currently engaged to roll out the first autonomous busses in regular service in Dubai
  • Mariam Al Muhairi

    Mariam Al Muhairi

    Project Manager , Dubai Future Foundation
    Heads the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution UAE, a collaboration between Dubai Future Foundation and the World Economic Forum

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