Supernova Application Videos - 2018

  • Smart Safe Bus System

    12 Oct 2018
    This project was created to solve a local and a global issue related to the safety of kids in school buses. It has four safety features and we save kids
  • Awtomart

    13 Oct 2018 Asif
    AwtoMart is an intelligent vehicle diagnostics and resolution platform that uses predictive analytics on realtime car data to pre-empt vehicle breakdown, alerts the driver for (non)critical issues,
  • Pitch competition entry from off-k.com

    13 Oct 2018 Aliyu Bello Aliyu
    We Help students conveniently locate, book and securely pay for accommodation off campus using an online platform, thus helping them save time and money while minimizing the risk of fraudulent transac
  • A Mobile App, designed to ease and notify islamic duties worldwide. It is an app showing: Qibla Direction (of User’s Location); Daily, Weekly, Monthly Prayer Times, Nearby Mosques. App also has Quran,
  • BeePower

    13 Oct 2018 Sadiq Muhammad Bammami
    Beepower is a wireless charging solution that enables charging multiple low powered devices such as mobile phones, tablets Etc, irrespective of the brands or power rating
  • We want to turn what we do for fun to a business.. that’s why games market is the best for us! We can create games and sell them with 0$, but having some cash would step up our game :)
  • Project Lead

    11 Oct 2018 Geoffrey Weli-Wosu
    Domineum is a blockchain Land/Property registry. Domineum operates as a global entity with principle offices and personnel located in West Africa, Scandinavia, the Caribbean, and United States.
  • ESG Robo Sustainability Solutions

    10 Oct 2018 Sandeep Raghuwanshi
    Sustainable world requires sustainable companies. This requires transparency in operations. ESG Robo's mission is to increase companies producing sustainability reports multiple times.
  • Heyraat online shop

    laila alsaadi
    Heyraat is a platform for individuals and entrepreneurs who work from their home offices and promote their products and services and have great skills and talents.
  • Pitch

    Ahmad Sadiq
  • MAX Okada changing lives

    09 Oct 2018 MAX Okada
    MAX is building Africa’s biggest mobility platform on 2-wheels by creating asset finance for the "unbankable" using data and analytics, and changing lives in the process.


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