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AI is not new. Microsoft has been on a journey for decades to augment human capabilities in one of the following three areas: “Reasoning”, “Understanding” and “Interacting”. Think about the first calculators, which could do better than humans even with mechanical options like the Grant calculator in 1877. Then computers, bringing graphical user interfaces, voice recognition or self-driving cars as early as 1994. Then why are we talking about AI now? The progress all these decades has been linear, with even some setbacks.

However, three things are dramatically changing the speed of innovation:

  • Advances in AI algorithms, in particular deep learning with neural networks.
  • Huge compute power available in the cloud.
  • Big data, able to train these algorithms with huge sets of data.


Learn the benefits of infusing AI capabilities into applications and solutions and how to add AI capabilities to existing or new solutions. This workshop will foster the conversation of what AI can do for you and your customers. It will also  walk you through how AI accelerates the digital transformation that everyone is after.

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Building next generation Apps with AI led by Rami Sarieddine, Senior Technology Evangelist at Microsoft, with 12 years of experience across several industries from healthcare to education and marketing.

What will attendees learn:

What is AI and what it can do for your business

What are the different AI technologies and how can we implement it 

How can we leverage AI in existing applications  


Za’abeel Hall 5, Rebel Stage

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