24 Sep 2019

Euphrates: A new horizon in water treatment

Euphrates Stand: G18

Team name: Euphrates

Full names of team members: Essa Lwisa, Ameera Fares Mohamad, Reem Mohammed Mossabeh, Iness Belkalai

Description: To develop a cost-effective technique for reducing waste water salinity and toxic materials. Multi-step separation units utilizing the produce water through physical or chemical processes, mainly focusing on reducing its salinity and corrosive properties; accordingly, generating a clean water source for various applications, such as domestic, industrial, irrigation applications and remote military bases.

Benefits of this technology: This research will evaluate a multi-stage process to overcome the main challenges faced in the handling of any water source. The proposed process has the dual benefit of reducing water salinity and hazardous components. The main challenge is to reduce the salinity of the produced water to be applicable for agriculture and industrial uses. Proposing such new technology benefits the development of UAE industries in power generation plants, desalination plants, oil refineries and many more,

We aim to build a mobile pilot plant, so its good impact will not be strict to one area.

Intended business model: A detailed design of a pilot-scale process it is intended to be carried out, taking into consideration the actual produced water data (flow rate, temperature and composition) from a local site. This will include sizing, material selection and cost estimation of the main units as well as evaluation of the labor and operating costs. The outcome of this model will be a full design of a multi-stages process for produced water utilization with an estimation of cost per cubic meter of treated produced water.

Required fund: (460,000 USD) for tentative one-year plan


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17-20 Oct 2021, Dubai World Trade Centre


17 Oct: 11 AM - 5 PM
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