25 Sep 2019

Marko Revo

weAR Srl Stand: A20-7

Born 2014, weAR Srl delivers MARKO (Manual in Augmented Reality, Kit in Overlay) a Mobile Enterprise Application Platform, to help training, maintenance and safety of workers in a new way. Every Company can assemble their own user manual, autonomly and without any skill, with a web creator tool and share the augmented content directly onto user sight. Users can access augmented instruction simply pointing their smartphone, tablet, smartglass at real object. An analytic tool gives stats and KPIs concerning user behavior and learning curve.MARKO, proposed as SaaS, has been adopted by electric companies, multi-utilities and manufacture enterprises.

In 2019, thanks to Vodafone Italy ‘Action for 5G’ challenge, weAR is working to a new, more advanced tool, using Mixed Reality on 5G networks. The new MARKO REVO, under development with the support of Vodafone 5G Lab, will increase productivity and decrease training time for workers.


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