21 Sep 2019

Basalam in 3 minutes

Basalam Stand: G21


Every year tens of thousands of people leave their villages and small towns for nearby cities, searching for new jobs and income stream opportunities.


Environmental issues, shortage of agricultural products and overpopulation in large cities which causes higher crime rates, high urban slum populations and poverty are very few side effects of this matter.


On one hand individuals and families in rural areas have the most business potential and lots of products & services to offer. And on the other hand there is a highly increasing demand for organic and original products in hearts of cities. but there is a gap that doesn’t let these two sides meet and that’s the problem of no sale experience, marketing, sales and direct access to markets for these individuals and families in business.


What if there was a solution so all individuals could find interested buyers for their products and make a living from right where they are?

Well, This is exactly what Basalam does.


Basalam is a social marketplace where individuals and families with products and services to offer can make online business profiles on it’s platform and through socialization, rating based on buyer’s reviews and Basalam’s algorithms, find interested customers for their products & services.


Connection to customers, market analysis, useful tutorials, photography & content services, advertising plans and sales reports are few of the values provided by Basalam to its vendores.


For buyers, the joy of exploring through authentic products, sufficient sorting & filtering, Evaluation by reviews, ratings and shared experiences, safe payments and satisfaction guarantee by Basalam’s customer services are some of the offered value propositions.


This is a market of 20 billion dollars a year , which 500 million dollars of it is estimated to be sold online. Being the market leader and receiving 10% of half of this amount, through commotions, ads, boost listings and premium versions, Basalam is soon going to make more than 25 miilion dollars a year.

Right now our community includes more than 4600 vendors from 380 different locations across the country that offer 68000+ products and counting.

Basalam, empowering the people of the world to be micro-entrepreneurs. 


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17-20 Oct 2021, Dubai World Trade Centre


17 Oct: 11 AM - 5 PM
18-20 Oct: 10 AM - 5 PM