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Gitex Future Stars

1417 October 2018 / Dubai World Trade Centre

Why Dubai

Strategic Geographic Location

Strategic Geographic Location

Being home to the 3rd busiest airport and fastest growing airport in the world (Dubai & Abu Dhabi airport respectively), the UAE is also a strategic location as it provides access to MENA and South Asia – all of which are growing economies – with an advanced transportation infrastructure a hub requires.

It's more than just buiness here. Life is pretty good - from the beaches, to the malls, to the hotels.

Recently, Citywalk, BoxPark, The Beach have all added cosmopolitan twist - from smart beaches, to entire shopping villages out of shipping containers to massive street art installations from world-renowned artists.

Dubai is open, fun, bright, beautiful, inclusive, global, collective, cosmopolitan, cultural and so much more. Come and see it for yourself.

Ease of Doing Business

Ease of Doing Business

According to Ease of Doing Business Rankings 2016 the UAE ranks 1st in the region and 26th globally, largely due to their free zones which offer ease of regulation and tax benefits to startups, accelerators and incubators.

Doing business here couldn't be easier. Dubai is a travel HUB and all major tech companies are here, Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle, SAP, Cisco, LinkedIn we could go on. 

Arabic is the main language but with an 85% expat population, English is more common - making it really easy to network locally. 

Networking here is all about relationship building, understand everything you can about your business partners and you will go far. 

Startup & Investment Hubs

Startup & Investment Hubs

Many free zones have also become hubs for startups – some free zones have encouraged this trend further by establishing incubators, accelerators and other startup-centric programs. For example, the Dubai technology entrepreneur centre (Dtec), a free zone dedicated to startups, hosts a two day event annually to celebrate entrepreneurship.

Dubai and the wider Middle East are attracting some of the biggest international incubators & accelerators and global universities. 1776, Flat6Labs, Oasis 500, MIT University, KAUST, Turn8, Dubai Future Foundation are just a small selection of who is here. 

Startups based have an unbelievable wealth of resource available to help in setting up, sourcing resource, funding, connections to scale and grow.

  • Dubai has succeeded in building a business friendly environment to meet investor needs and requirements, such as full exemption from income and corporate taxes, high-tech facilities and infrastructure.
    His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
    Vice President, Minister of Defence and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates, Emir of Dubai

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Sunday 14 October: 13.00-19.00
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