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Gitex Future Stars

1417 October 2018 / Dubai World Trade Centre

The Red Bull Zone

Redbull Creative Economy Zone

Tom Thum

Taking social entrepreneurship to the next level on the 10x Stage. 

Red Bull Amaphiko is a global platform that supports social entrepreneurs – those pioneers, change makers, innovators - who use their talent, creativity and energy to make a positive change in their corner of the world in a sustainable way. And spreads these stories to inspire a wider audience. 

Costas Papa: 

Costas is a Dubai based sonic artist, music producer and consultant. He’s an expert educator with more than 10 years of experience and the founder of Granular Academy.

Costas Papa is an educator, sonic artist and media business consultant. Costas currently makes dark minimal techno with dub undertones and is continually reinventing his sonic identity while keeping an eye on developing trends.

Costas has designed and conducted courses and modules since 2007, in various disciplines such as electronic music production, synthesis, recording, sampling, DJing, and mixing and mastering, as well as performing with Live.

Costas Papas
Tom Thum

Tom Thum, Australia's greatest beat boxer.

It’s been said many times that Beat Boxer Tom Thum appears to have not only a symphony orchestra but also a jazz band, techno DJ, 80’s synth pop group and collection of exotic world instruments all residing somewhere in his throat.

Propelled to Internet stardom with his 2013 TEDx performance at the Sydney Opera House, Tom’s 15 minute showcase quickly became the highest viewed TEDx video of all time with over 44+ million views and counting. Now recognised worldwide for his obscure talent to warp and manipulate his vocal chords, Tom Thum provides confirmation to his audience that there is no sound he cannot mimic to perfection.

Tom’s unique abilities have seen him perform to sold out crowds all over the world and his recent ‘Thum Prints’ collaboration with Gordon Hamilton & the Queensland Symphony Orchestra has put him in a league of his own. With his vocal talents being sought out by Disney, Audi & DAB+ (to name a few), Tom has proven that his sound is truly world class and transcends expectations. 

Sihle Tshabalala: 

Sihle Tshabalala (Co-founder and CEO Quirky 30 NPC and Quirky Innovations PTY/LTD ) is an ex-offender.

During his time in prison, he became a key member of the Group of Hope programme (a prisoner initiated project that changed prison rehabilitation in SA) , where he decided to spend his life helping others avoid the mistakes he had made.

Since leaving prison, he co-founded Brothers for All, taught himself how to code and has become a key voice in his community and a game changer in teaching high school drop outs, teenage moms, unemployed youth, ex-offenders and offenders Computer Programming/Coding, Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing.

He spoken widely on TV and radio, presented at the Durban AIDS conference, was awarded the 2014 LeadSA’s Hero, Mail and Guardian 200 Young South Africans award, 2015 Spark Changemaker award, 2016 WSA International Speaker, Juror and Mentor, 2016 TEDx Fellow, Redbull Amaphiko Academy seasoned Mentor/Speaker and Levi's Pioneer Nation Mentor/Speaker. 

Ruben Lenten

Ruben Lenten, the master of extreme

Ruben Lenten takes things in his stride.

With his laid-back attitude and a philosophy that sees him enjoying his life to the full, he’s determined to take his career on the water to the top. Ruben is called the master of extreme. He’s the one pushing kiteboarding to the limit; it's all about getting higher, faster and more extreme.

After years of competing at the top, Ruben stopped competing internationally. Why? He doesn't agree with the way judging goes on at the moment. He doesn't agree with boundaries; he always wants to push himself along with the best riders in the world. He switched his focus to filming, which gave him the licence to ride to extremes and push himself for the fun of it.

Ruben's sponsors also gave him the opportunity to create his own line of boards, clothing, wetsuits and harnesses, which he describes as "quality high-tech gear that just works and keeps up with you in gnarly conditions". Ruben has also started up a website to try to build a community of riders/people to help the sport to grow.

  • Tom Thum appears to have swallowed an entire orchestra and several backing singers
    - The Guardian (UK)


At the core of the program is the Red Bull Amaphiko Academy, a 10-day residential program followed by an 18-month individually tailored development plan. It aims to develop the social entrepreneurs in three key areas: personal development, project development and marketing. Participants are provided with inspiration, exchanges, mentorship and practical skills to elevate their project. They are also given access to a full-fledged Content Studio where experts in marketing work hands-on to deliver creative and marketing assets for the social entrepreneurs. The first Amaphiko Academy took place in Soweto, South Africa in April 2014. Since then, there have been Academies in Cape Town and Sao Paulo and Baltimore. 

Since its inception in South Africa in 2014, the Red Bull Amaphiko program has spread globally through Academies, events, workshops and the online community. The program has already supported over 100 social ventures and is home to more than 350 social projects on

Other on the ground development programs include Red Bull Amaphiko Connect - weekend boot camps for aspiring social entrepreneurs; storytelling workshops and collaboration with existent events. Furthermore, Red Bull Amaphiko is connecting, enabling and celebrating social innovation worldwide on a platform where social ventures can connect and get visibility for their project. 

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